8 oz ABE Spinning Wheel - Standard Model

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The Standard Model includes 3 bobbins and Lazy Kate with rods.

The SpinPerfect ABE wheel has everything you need for a travel-friendly, lightweight, ergonomic, beginner to expert, full spectrum spinning experience. With 5 ratios12 colors to choose from, and a worry-free replacement parts policy - the SpinPerfect ABE is a perfect wheel to start with or add to your collection. 

The ABE is compatible with the PaulyWinder - the original patented gearless automatic yarn winder - which is included in the ABE Deluxe and all Studio Packages. 

SpinPerfect wheels have two tension options for perfect tension every time:

TENSION FAN: Imagine, no more fiddling around to find your tension "sweet spot". Place the tension band on the middle of the fan for perfect tension every time. 
TENSION BLOCK: For plying on the PaulyWinder and spinning bulky, textured, art yarns - tighten in a clockwise direction. Loosen the knob by turning counter-clockwise to remove extra tension and engage the tension fan.


  • Warp-Resistant Base
  • Ergonomic. ​Double-treadle prevents hip and sciatic pain, shallow treadle action prevents ankle pain, and the orifice height prevents back pain.
  • Whisper Silent
  • Effortless to Treadle
  • Lightweight.
  • Small footprint.
  • Magnetic bobbins and orifice bar for easy bobbin changing.
  • Hook orifice and Flyer pegs reduce drag and don't catch on texture.
  • 5 speeds to choose from on every flyer size.
  • Beginner friendly
  • Made in the USA. Veteran Owned.