The Traditional Spinners Studio Package

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Do you spin to make what you see in books and magazines? Do you enjoy finding or taking pictures with fellow artisans who make and wear the same sweater or scarf at your local sheep and wool festival? Do you love spinning your own yarn to create the trendiest patterns on Ravelry? Do you enjoy spinning yarn to design your own handspun-inclusive patterns for yourself and for others?

If so, this studio package was curated perfectly for you. 

You get to choose the color of your 8 oz flyer for spinning fine to chunky weight singly-ply yarn. You also get to choose the color of your 16 oz flyer for plying or spinning some bulkier textured yarns. Also included in this package is the state of the art PaulyWinder - a state of the art gearless automatic yarn winder which will increase your spin-flow as you fill your bobbins back to front without stopping. Imagine - plying an entire bobbin of yarn without stopping!

SpinPerfect wheels have two tension systems for perfect tension every time:

  • PERFECT TENSION FAN: The broadest spectrum of perfect tension for frustration-free spinning. Imagine, no more fiddling around with brakes, bands, knobs, springs, and strings. Simply start by putting the tension fan band on the top/bottom middle whorls. For more tension, move the band to the largest top whorl. For less tension, move the band to the smaller top whorl (and adjust the bottom band placement if necessary)
  • STANDARD TENSION BLOCK: For plying on the PaulyWinder (which requires a higher amount of tension when plying to prevent the yarn from dropping while auto-winding) and for spinning bulky, textured, art yarns.


The following items will be printed in the selected 8 oz color print:

  • 8 oz Flyer back (whorl), arms (pegs are black), magnetic orifice bar
  • Three magnetic 8 oz bobbins
  • Treadle Covers
  • Tension Fan (upper and lower whorls)

The following items will be printed in the selected 16 oz color print

  • 16 oz Flyer back (whorl), arms (pegs are black), orifice bar (hook is metal)
  • One 16 oz bobbin


  • Unfinished, partially assembled, warp-resistant Baltic birch wheel base
  • Baltic birch Kate arm with 3 steel rods for bobbin storage or plying from 8 to 16
  • Large PaulyWinder compatible with both flyers (only available in black print)
  • One set of elastic bands: drive band and tension fan band
  • Tension block and hardware (only available in black print)
  • Hardware required for assembly.
  • Free Shipping to the lower 48 USA