The Spectrum Spinners Perfect Studio Package

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If you are a spinner that spins for it all - from knitting sweaters to weaving textured wall hangings - the spectrum package is perfect for you. 

Named "The Spectrum" because with this studio package you will have an 8 oz flyer for spinning perfectly fine to chunky weight yarn for all your weaving, knitting, and crochet projects - plus a 33 oz flyer for plying, spinning for yardage, or spinning creative textured art yarns. The 8 oz is our most popular flyer size for spinning knitting yarns, and the 33 oz flyer is one of the largest on the market.

This Yarn Spinning Package Includes:

  • Unfinished Wheel Base
  • 8 oz Flyer with 3 Bobbins
  • 33 oz Flyer with 1 Bobbin
  • Lazy Kate with 3 Kate Rods
  • Large PaulyWinder (compatible with both flyer heads)
  • Made in the USA. Engineered by a Veteran.
  • Lightweight, Portable, Small Footprint.
  • Two tension options: fan and block
  • Easy to change elastic drive band
  • Magnetic flyer, bobbins, and orifice bar for easy bobbin changes.
  • Treadle Covers
  • Unfinished, for spinners to choose their own finish (stain, seal, or embellish)