33 oz ABE Spinning Wheel - Deluxe Model

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The SpinPerfect ABE wheel has everything you need for a lightweight, ergonomic, beginner to expert, full spectrum spinning experience. 

The ABE base is made from unfinished Baltic birch, and is double-treadle with a 29” orifice height for an ergonomic spinning experience. The lightweight printed flyer and bobbin are silent and easier to treadle compared to wood. The SpinPerfect ABE has two state-of-the-art tension options that give you perfect uptake every time. Our original magnetic printed bobbins and open hook orifice bar make bobbin-changing fast and easy and do not limit creativity, increase drag, or catch on textured yarns. With 5 ratios on every flyer, and a worry-free replacement parts policy - the SpinPerfect ABE is a perfect wheel to start with as a beginner or add to your studio collection. 

The ABE is compatible with the PaulyWinder - the original patented gearless automatic yarn winder - which is included in the ABE Deluxe and all Studio Packages. 

What’s the difference between ABE Basic, Standard, and Deluxe?

  • BASIC: Includes the ABE wheel and 1 bobbin.
  • STANDARD: Includes the ABE wheel, lazy kate, 3 kate rods, and 3 bobbins.
  • DELUXE: Includes the ABE wheel, lazy kate, 3 kate rods, 3 bobbins, and PaulyWinder auto-winder.

SpinPerfect wheels have two tension systems for perfect tension every time:

  • PERFECT TENSION FAN: Imagine, no more fiddling around with brakes, bands, knobs, springs, and strings. Simply start by putting the tension fan band on the top/bottom middle whorls for a broad spectrum of tension for nearly every yarn weight. For more tension when spinning bulky, move the band to the largest top whorl. For less tension when spinning fine, move the band to the smaller top whorl (and adjust the bottom band placement)
  • STANDARD TENSION BLOCK: For plying on the PaulyWinder (which requires a higher amount of tension when plying to prevent the yarn from dropping while auto-winding) and for spinning bulky, textured, art yarns - tighten the knob on the tension block in a clockwise direction until you feel a secure amount of uptake. Then loosen the knob by turning counter-clockwise to remove all tension from the block to engage the perfect tension fan.


The following items will be printed in your selected color print:

  • Flyer back (whorl with 5 speeds)
  • Flyer arms (pegs are black)
  • Magnetic open-orifice hook bar
  • Magnetic Bobbin(s)
  • Treadle Covers
  • Tension Fan (upper and lower whorls) - the tension block is printed in black.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.