The Finest Spinners Perfect Studio Package

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If you are a spinner that spends most of your time spinning fine yarns - the finest studio package is perfectly curated for you. 

With this studio package you will have a 4 oz flyer with accelerator for spinning the finest threads and yarns from even the shortest staple length fibers - plus a 12 oz flyer for plying, spinning for yardage, or spinning textures. The 4 oz is engineered for spinning fast and fine, and preferred by spinners who spin under worsted weight. The 12 oz flyer is ideal for plying or even playing with creative textures for weaving.

Package Includes:

  • Unfinished Wheel Base
  • 4 oz Flyer with 3 Bobbins
  • Accelerator (for ultra fast spinning on the 4 oz flyer)
  • 12 oz Flyer with 1 Bobbin
  • Lazy Kate with 3 Kate Rods
  • Small PaulyWinder (compatible with both flyers)
  • Made in the USA. Engineered by a Veteran.
  • Lightweight, Portable, Small Footprint.
  • Two tension options: fan and block
  • Easy to change elastic drive band
  • Magnetic flyer, bobbins, and orifice bar for easy bobbin changes.
  • Treadle Covers
  • Unfinished, for spinners to choose their own finish (stain, seal, or embellish)